Rapper Holds Shoe Giveaway In Poor Chicago Neighborhood In Response To Police ‘Bait Truck’

Chicago native and rapper Vic Mensa (“U Mad“, “We Could Be Free“) recently visited home with a social justice mission.

His visit came after news of Chicago police’s “bait truck,” which was filled with designer shoes and parked in low-income, predominantly black neighborhoods in an effort to lure thieves. The truck was a joint effort between the Chicago Police Department and the Norfolk Southern Railway, and was allegedly in response to freight containers recently being broken into.  

The clear racial and socio-economic discrimination enraged communities.

Mensa added his voice to the throng of those calling for justice, and he made a trip to the Englewood community where police had parked the bait truck. He enlisted the help of his civic action foundation, SaveMoneySaveLife.

On Sunday, Mensa hosted an “Anti-Bait Truck Shoe Give-Away,” an event that hosted thousands of people — and numerous trucks full of shoes.

In an interview with the New York Times, Mensa said:

To see the police escort a bait truck full of shoes through a low-income neighborhood where people can’t afford basic necessities, it seemed very representative of how ill-equipped they are to deal with the city’s issues.

Sixty percent of the Englewood community has an income of less than $25,000. There is clearly a need in this community and, unlike the police, Mensa stepped up to meet that need. 

Other notable people showed up to lend their support, including rapper Towkio.

And local basketball superstar and friend to Derrick Rose, Tim Flowers.

The internet is applauding Vic Mensa.

A true hometown hero.

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