This Viral Story About A ‘Very Good Birb’ Named Henry Is Melting Hearts Around The Internet ❤️

Planetary astronomer, Alex Parker, told a heartwarming tale about his friendship with a “scruffy” blue jay he named Henry—and the internet can’t get enough.

The story begins with the arrival of the thirsty, disheveled bird in Parker’s yard. As Henry regains his/her strength, the friendship unfolds. 

The story begins:

Parker sets the mood and establishes the setting and characters for his affectionate account:  

Lucky for the bird, it landed in the right yard to receive some kindness from a stranger:

And he names the bird:

The healing begins:

Henry become a regular fixture in Parker’s life:

When Henry starts growing up, his visits become less frequent:

Teenage Henry does look markedly healthier, his plumage fuller and more vibrant than fledgling Henry:

We agree, those zucchinis are excellent!

Twitter users were touched by the story of the “birb” (internet speak for a cute bird): 

Hopefully Henry will live a long fulfilling life now that he’s fully recovered.

If you encounter a bird that is injured or seems in need of sustenance, check out this article on how to care for injured birds. 

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