Chrissy Teigen Penned A Powerful Post After Seeing ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ With Her Family ❤️

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend can be added to the list of superfans of Crazy Rich Asians.

The parents took their daughter Luna to see the film, and Teigen was overcome when she saw “John dance with my little black asian mashup baby bear Luna” after realizing what the film meant for her daughter.

“Luna, aside from being blown away by the general movie-going experience (yep she’s 13 now, time flies) looked up at @constancewu’s mother and yelled “yāy!” (“Grandma” in thai) because she saw someone who looked like her yāy. Someone beautiful and aspirational. It was something that simple that made my heart just…warm. That made me happy.”

“You never know how much you miss being represented on screen until you actually see what it’s like to be represented.”  

“And represented by all different types of characters with all different types of personalities, just like any other great movie.” 

Teigen’s faith in the film is well placed, as the movie continues to break box office records across the world; the movie was leading the box office two weekends in a row and being projected to lead this upcoming week.

But Chrissy Teigen is excited for something else, too:

And social media is with her on that one.

As long as Crazy Rich Asians remains in theaters, people will flock to it.

That’s a promise.

H/T: Mashable, Variety