Colder Weather Is Coming—And This New Meme Captures The Anticipation Perfectly 😂

A hilarious new meme is making its rounds on the internet, showing that everyone is ready for a change of season.

With the last days of August drifting by this week, Twitter users seem to be ready for summer’s end and excited for autumn and winter—especially when it comes to dressing for the cooler weather. 

The new meme, which offers a new take on what it means to dress for the season, is captioned:

Can’t wait till winter so i can really start dressin’


Can’t wait till it gets colder so I can really start dressin’

Check it out (and be ready to laugh):

Commenters on Twitter were quite amused:

Drake’s version of the meme wasn’t the only one featuring oversized clothes:

Even a couple of animals got in on the action:

The requisite Michael Cera version:

Now this is fashion:

Just YES!!!!

Happy fall dressing!

H/T: Twitter