Liam Hemsworth’s Latest Prank Got Miley Cyrus Good—And She Wasn’t Happy About It ????

Liam Hemsworth seems to have a bit of thing for getting Miley Cyrus all riled up.

This week’s Insta-scare on Cyrus features the younger Hemsworth donning a camo hunting mask while driving with Cyrus in the passenger seat. After a little idle chit-chat, Hemsworth hit the brakes suddenly and shouts causing his bride-to-be to throw up her hands and cry out (*still smiling) before growling at him, “Ahhh! My [email protected]$%ing neck!” 

Check out all the hilariousness for yourself:

There’s no denying that good looks run in the Hemsworth family but that’s not all these talented actor/brothers have in common— apparently, being a prankster is in the genes, as well. While the elder Hemsworth brother, Chris (Thor: Ragnarok) seems to enjoy exercising his pranking demons on his co-stars (*see Chris prank his stunt double just last week on the set of Men In Black), brother Liam appears to relish in unleashing his devilish charms exclusively on his fiancée, Miley Cyrus.

Check out a few of his “Gotchas!” on Cyrus from the past:

Fans love it and are shipping the duo hardcore:

And it’s not just in the car that Liam likes to prank Miley—check out Cyrus explaining her man’s pranking hijinks on Jimmy Kimmel Live! back in April (the fun starts at 2:40):

H/T: ENews, Twitter, Daily Mail