Kanye West’s Explanation For Why He Wore Slippers That Were Too Small To 2 Chains’ Wedding Has Twitter Skeptical 🤔

When Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian-West arrived at rapper 2 Chainz wedding something jumped out as unusual. No it wasn’t Kardashian-West’s skin tight green dress. It was West’s footwear.

The famously eccentric rapper and creator of  Yeezy slides was sporting a pair that frankly looked two sizes too small. 

But if you thought the slides were a mistake, West is here to tell you you are wrong. He didn’t run out of the house in his wife’s shoes as everyone suspected, he was doing things “Japanese style.” 

Fans were scratching their head at this reasoning. 

Some still stand by his genius and when Kanye wants to explain, Kanye will explain. Until then, silence you underling.

In other words, never you mind what Kanye is doing. Kanye decides what Kanye decides. 

H/T: Vogue, Metro