The Struggle With Internet Algorithms Is Real For People With ‘Offensive’ Last Names ????

Twitter user Natalie Weiner has probably heard all the jokes, but being blocked from creating an account online because your name is deemed offensive is no laughing matter. 

Turns out Weiner isn’t the only one who has come up against a finicky algorithm that is easily offended.

Weiner shared her frustration on Twitter with being denied an account based on her last name. To her credit, she had a good sense of humor about it. 

Others could feel her pain. 

These two Cummings shared a serious bro connection. 

Oh Andrew, where to begin. 

Ah… this poor schmuck can’t even play video games. 

 And it’s not just the gents, ladies be feeling the struggle too.  

Turns out Nazi is pronounced Naa-zee, but a computer wouldn’t know that. 

Since when is the word “gay” considered profanity?

The rest of us can stop complaining about our names now. 

H/T: Twitter Moments, Buzzfeed