Video Of Puppy Getting Angry At The Ocean For Filling In The Hole It Just Dug Is Adorably Pure ????

Angus is a golden retriever puppy (you’re welcome) who was just trying to live his best little puppy life on the beach. Unfortunately, the stupid ocean wasn’t cooperating. 

Jeez, ocean.

Angus was hanging out on the beach in the middle of the day, as all cool doggos are wont to do, and learned one of doglife’s hardest lessons. Angus’ person managed to catch this milestone moment on video and now YouTube can’t get enough of it. It’s only a minute long … but oh, the things we can learn in one minute. 

It’s an adorable tragedy and you need to see it.

The video opens with Angus sitting there looking like the most majestic of floofs. There are dunes behind him. The sea and sky combine in a swirl of blues before him. Angus’ fur blends with the sand beneath his paws. It’s almost as if he was meant for this.  

Um…hello, handsome.

After a few seconds of letting everyone bask in his glory, Angus scratches an itch and then runs flops away with the camera following. That’s when we see the hole. It’s clear he’s been working hard on it. He swan-dives right in and playfully digs, using his paws and one adorable little snooter-shovel.

Yup. I said snooter-shovel and I meant it. 

It’s pretty obvious that Angus isn’t happy with the fact that the ocean keeps trying to check out his handiwork. He bounces away from it, then barks the tiniest little warning bark ever. He even lays down to try and hide the hole from the ocean, figuring he can protect his little treasure.

Then the ocean does something awful. 

A wave comes along and fills in the hole he’s been working so hard on! Angus looks shocked and betrayed for a second. He darts around, clearly having an existential puppy-crisis. Angus is wrecked! Gutted! Enraged! 

He barks what we can only assume is the puppy equivalent of this:

And that’s pretty much it. Like much of the real world, there’s no real happy ending. The hole stays filled with ocean. All of Angus’s hard work is wasted. The cruel sea never apologizes. Angus must face cold, hard truth. 

People on social media were just as angry and upset as the poor pooch.

Others couldn’t stop gushing about the epic cuteness.

And some tried to guess what the dog was thinking…

All we need now is for someone to make the video black and white and play some dramatic music over it and suddenly it’s a tragic French short film. 

H/T: Thrillist, YouTube