Fan Wearing Picture Of André 3000 On Her Shirt Runs Into Him—And The Excitement Was Mutual ????

We’ve all dreamed about meeting our favorite celebrities.

What would we say? What would THEY say? Would they think we were cool? Would we keep our composure, or would totally embarrassing ourselves like the time I saw Mira Sorvino in Central Park and could only manage to stammer-shriek “HELLO HI Y-Y-YOU INVENTED POST-ITS!!!”?

Well, one young woman in New York knows exactly what she’d do.

The woman, who goes by @itsTiana on Twitter, was walking through Soho wearing a photo of her idol, Andre 3000, on her t-shirt when who should walk out of a coffee shop in her direction but none other than Andre 3000. What are the odds?!

“Oh my God, you’re on my shirt right now!” she exclaimed.

Of course, this could have gone downhill from here—Andre 3000 could have been offended— or bored. After all, the saying “never meet your heroes” exists for a reason! Mere mortals at the end of the day, they so frequently fail to meet up to our stratospheric expectations. 

But luckily for @itsTiana, this encounter went the other—the best possible—direction. Andre 3000 seemed just as excited by the coincidence as @itsTiana: she added that he “was acting just as hype as me, which maximized my level of happiness.” 

@itsTiana also provided a close-up of the shirt, which featured Andre 3000 in one of his outfits from the 2014 Outkast reunion tour.

Andre 3000 was so impressed by the shout-out he took his own photos with her for posterity. 

@itsTiana’s elation was so palpable that others on Twitter couldn’t help but feel the love and share in the excitement right along with her:

So keep your eyes peeled for your faves, and you might want to get some t-shirts made with their faces just in case. You never know where they might turn up! 

H/T Mashable, Essence