Model Tess Holliday’s Cover Of Cosmopolitan Is Body Positivity At Its Fiercest—And We Can’t Get Enough ❤️

Tess Holliday is easily one of the most famous and recognizable truly plus-sized models in the world right now. She’s been gracing magazines, writing books, hanging out with celebs and generally killing the body-positivity game for a while now. 

Here she is hanging out with Jeff Goldblum.

And with Queer Eye’s Jonathan.

And flaunting it on the cover of Self… 

But her most recent cover has stopped the internet in its tracks. Not only does she look absolutely stunning, which is pretty typical for her, but it’s the cover of a magazine that has not historically been friendly for bodies of size. Tess’s most recent cover is the cover of UK Cosmopolitan. Yeah, Cosmo put a big girl on the cover! 

Check it out.

Twitter is in love. 

Of course there are people who disagree that this cover is a positive thing. A lot of people feel it promotes obesity as healthy — but Tess has always been vocal about her stance. It’s not about loving her body because it’s”fat”— for her it’s about loving our bodies because they are ours, no matter our size. Critics claim she can’t possibly be healthy, but she works out often and has been examined by several doctors. She’s honestly got better numbers across most health indicators than a lot of people do. She’d also be pretty quick to point out that all of that was really none of your business and that most people don’t ask those questions of people who are underweight, soooo…  yeah.  

Tess Holliday is a mother, model, author, mental health advocate, wife and all around powerhouse of a woman out here trying to show the world that beautiful can happen in any body, regardless of shape, size, color, gender, disability or anything. We can totally get down with that. 

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