Teen Who Went Missing A Year Ago After Witnessing Father’s Murder Found Alive In Ohio Basement

 Last year, 15-year-old Jacob Caldwell of Ohio witnessed his mother, Tawnney Caldwell, murdering his father, Robert Caldwell. 

After the heinous incident, Jacob’s grandparents were given emergency temporary custody of him and his brothers. 

But on August 21, 2017, Jacob went missing. He was believed to have run away. 

A year after his disappearance, Lamar advertising and Norton Outdoor Advertising donated billboards to try to locate Jacob. A tip was called in and he was found 40 miles from home in a Miami Township on Monday night.

He was found living in the basement of a home with 4 other adults. He did not appear to be hidden there, but rather spent most of his time there. He was found healthy, but in need of a haircut, and he had spent most of his time watching TV and playing video games with no social interaction with other children.

The 4 adults are of no direct relation to him, but are said to be associated with his mother. 

Jacob is currently in a juvenile detention center because of a warrant that was issued after he’d previously run away from his father and stepmother’s house.

But the most important part of the story is that Jacob has been found safe and sound, for the most part. 

The internet is overjoyed.

Watch a Dayton news station’s coverage of the joyous occasion here.

H/T: abc NEWS, YouTube