Women Are Revealing Their Cringe-Worthy Worst Date Experiences—And, Oof ????

We’ve all been there, right? You’re out on a first or second date, feeling hopeful, when that special someone suddenly dashes all your expectations by showing up wearing a MAGA hat, or maybe whipping out his collection of karate poetry to recite in the car before you head into the restaurant. (Wait—was that just me?)

Whatever the buzz kill was, it’s THAT story — the one you tell friends to commiserate when they’ve hit dating rock bottom — that Twitter user @_ItsMissBre was after when she asked women to share their worst dating stories.

The results were even cringier than you might expect: 

There were men who weren’t exactly available:

And some put the “ass” in “class”:

Some were less-than-perfect gentlemen:

And some who weren’t very good with flattery:

A couple real intellectuals:

Michael Jackson???

This comment sums it up best:

Just remember, not all worst date stories have crappy endings! As Women’s Health pointed out last year:

On our first date, my now-husband showed up late and drunk!…He came into the restaurant about 40 minutes past the time we were supposed to meet and smelled like tequila. . . We could barely hold a conversation because he couldn’t keep his eyes open . . . We’ve been married for five years and laugh about that date. He has never been as drunk as he was that first date.

H/T: Twitter, Women’s Health