5-Year-Old Israeli Hair Model Has 53k Followers On Instagram

You wish you had this much game at 5 years old.

Mia Aflalo from Tel-Aviv is currently ruling the international hair-modeling game because her hair can literally outshine most people in their 20s and 30s.  And not too long ago, Mia was in diapers.

At over 50,000 followers, Mia is definitely Insta-Famous.  And the best part, says her hairstylist Sagi Dahari, is that she’s so easy to work with.

“She never complains or argues,” Dahari told The Daily Mail.  She “wait[s] patiently and smile[s] at everyone.”

Dahari does not often work with children on their hair: 

but he is so impressed with Mia, that he has dubbed her “Princess Mia.”  

We are looking forward to seeing the trajectory of Mia’s hair-career…especially since she could already wipe the floor with most adults.

H/T: Metro, The Daily Mail