‘I Loved John McCain’–Joe Biden Gives Tearful Eulogy At Memorial Service

Former Vice President Joe Biden, 75, gave a heartfelt eulogy for his long-time friend Senator John McCain on Thursday at a private memorial service in Phoenix, Arizona.

From his opening lines, Biden captivated the crowd:

My name’s Joe Biden. I’m a Democrat and I love John McCain.

He then went on to extoll the virtues of the late Arizona Republican who died of brain cancer on Saturday at 81, choking back tears at moments and smiling in fond remembrance at others.

See it for yourself:

Commenters on Twitter were moved by Biden’s words:

The death of the iconic senator on August 25th deeply affected the country, transcending political differences.

Biden offered the following explaination:  

I was thinking this week about why John’s death hit the country so hard. I think it’s because they knew that John believed so deeply and so passionately in the soul of America.

Twitter users were grateful to Biden:

Hitting particularly close to home, Biden addressed the disease that took McCain’s life, as well as the life of Biden’s son, Beau, in 2015.

He said:

The disease that took John’s life — that took our friend Ted Kennedy’s life, that took my son Beau’s life — is brutal, relentless, unforgiving. It takes so much from those we love, and from the families who love them, that in order to survive we have to remember how they lived, not how they died.

Comedian, actor, singer and satirist Randy Rainbow had this to say:

Many found solace in Biden’s reflections on McCain, as a way the country can return from its current state of divisiveness: 

Biden eloquently ended the eulogy with this:

To paraphrase Shakespeare, we shall not see his like again.

The day McCain died, Biden posted this message on his Twitter account:

RIP Senator John McCain

H/T: Yahoo, People, Twitter