The Last Remaining Blockbuster Just Got Its Own Beer–Because That’s The Obvious Way To Celebrate It

Back in the early 2010s, a fixture of 90s childhood went completely out of business.  I am talking of course about the legend that is Blockbuster Video.

But fear ye not, 90s kids.  There is one single Blockbuster Video left in the entire world.  It is located in Bend, Oregon; and in honor of itself being the last of its kind–in true Oregon hipster fashion–the last Blockbuster will be offering its own craft beer.

10 Barrel Brewing Co., a local craft beer brewery, partnered with the long-forgotten video store to make “The Last Blockbuster,” a black ale that “pairs perfectly with buttery theater popcorn and your favorite movie-sized chocolate,” according to Fox News.

The beer will be sold at all ten local 10 Barrel breweries, as well as the Blockbuster itself, which has apparently seen some seriously nostalgic customers in the past few years.

“Every day, even before this, people would drive by and see the ‘Open’ sign and say, ‘Oh my gosh. How are you still here? Why are you still here?’” general manager Sandi Harding said to the Washington Post in an interview about the store being the final one of its kind in July.  

The beer will debut later in the month of September at a public block party at the final Blockbuster itself.  

H/T: Fox News, New York Post