LEGO Built A Drivable Replica Of A Bugatti Chiron—And It’s Impressive AF ????

The Bugatti Chiron is one of the most powerful, most expensive cars in the world. Naturally, car enthusiasts everywhere have the same question when the Chiron comes up in conversation: what if it was made of LEGOs? 

Well, wonder no longer! The amazing artists at LEGO decided to answer that question in the most efficient way possible. Though it took over a million pieces to assemble, their team managed to create a full-sized, working Chiron model made almost entirely of toy bricks.

Even the motor, which blasts the model forward at whiplash-inducing 20 km/hour, is actually powered by toy motors. 

Honestly, the resemblance is uncanny.

The LEGO car is a child’s dream come true!

Twitter really wanted to take a spin…

But who is worthy of piloting such a unique vehicle?

The real shame here is that the LEGO Bugatti is one of a kind—you can only imagine the number of people who’d pay top dollar to pull up to some big fancy party in a car made of LEGOs. I know I would. 

H/T – Twitter, The Verge