Australian Teen With Cancer Asks For Messages From His Favorite Marvel Superheroes–And, Boy, Did They Ever Come Through ????

A 17-year-old Australian boy named Josh—who has struggled with leukemia since birth—was given just months to live by doctors after they discovered he also had glioblastoma—an aggressive cancer that was also responsible for the death of  Senator John McCain.

Josh received a surprise after his family reached out via the internet to the various actors who have portrayed on-screen Marvel superheroes.

The message read:


“[Josh]’s only wish is to meet or receive a message to himself from actors, more specifically Marvel actors.”

The tweet containing the message has been retweeted over 173,000 times.

And more than a few heroes truly rose to the occasion.

WARNING: You may ugly cry.

Ryan Reynolds, who plays Josh’s personal favorite, Deadpool, on screen sent a message.

As well as Tom Holland, aka our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

And Chris Evans….who joked he was not thrilled whatsoever at Josh preferring Deadpool to his own Captain America, but was pleased to make his acquaintance nonetheless.

And another Marvel Chris, Chris Pratt who played Peter Quill or Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, saying: 

“I’m hoping maybe I can help put a smile on your face. I’m thinking about you, and I love you. I’m praying for you and for your mom.”

But the man who began it all was Australia’s own Hugh Jackman who played Marvel hero Wolverine. He kept it concise in his message.

A family friend with the Twitter and Instagram handle “Krissie Cosplay” posted the now viral tweet. She has also been compiling all the videos on her Instagram and helping with the effort.

And the movement has brought tears to many a dry superhero eye.

Josh’s mother shared a video from Josh where he thanked everyone for the messages.

Josh has sent video responses back to each of the actors and has been absolutely thrilled to receive word from each and every single one of them.  

Which easily goes to show that heroism is possible in real life, even if you don’t have super powers.

H/T: Yahoo!, Twitter