‘Daily Show’ Comedian Perfectly Tweets What It’s Like To Be The Girl In Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Video

Dating is seldom a walk in the park – but in this case, it was a walk in the graveyard. 

We’ve all had horrendous first dates with people who turned out to be a bit, erm, strange, and different than we originally believed them to be. But, even our worst first dates can’t compete with the woman, Ola Ray, who went on a date with Michael Jackson in the music video for his hit song, “Thriller” in 1982. 

Now, a date with Michael Jackson would have been epic – especially in 1982. But, that doesn’t necessarily apply when he transforms into a werewolf and drags his date into a graveyard full of dancing zombies.

Comedian Roy Wood Jr. of The Daily Show tweeted a thread which has since gone viral, imagining himself as the poor woman stuck in this dreaded situation. Then, he took it one step further and modernized it, and conceptualized a social media storytime the woman probably would’ve tweeted the next day…should she make it out of that date alive.

Grab some popcorn and read this gut-busting thread:

No doubt if this date happened in 2018, she would have become a social media celeb.

Running out of gas is one thing. Unfortunate, of course, but not the worst thing that could happen:

Things really start to go south when, out of nowhere, Jackson casually transforms into a werewolf. 

Then, in a complete turn of events, she watches him transform from a werewolf to a zombie:

Debatably more terrifying, but then again, neither is an ideal date. 

The comedian doesn’t skimp out on the details in this detailed thread:

He also acknowledged the question most of us have when people break out in spontaneous dancing in movies and television:

“Now they dancing. This mean he been having rehearsals!” 

This is comedic gold, people.

Twitter is roaring – or howling? – with laughter after reading this:

The thread has received more than 50,000 likes and 22,0000 retweets – and more than 700 comments from fans. 

There are a ton of quotable lines throughout the thread:

People especially seem to love “THESE HIS PEOPLE” because, I mean, it is downright hilarious. 

Some are saying that Michael Jackson would’ve laughed at this take on one of his most popular songs:

Can’t speak for the King of Pop, but considering his sense of humor and all, agreed. 

In conclusion, everyone has died laughing from this:

Better than dying because you were eaten by a werewolf. Right? Ask Ola Ray. 

H / T – Indy100, Twitter