Alyssa Milano Made A ‘Bet’ About Getting More Retweets Than Trump—And She Definitely Won ????

On Saturday, September 1, actress Alyssa Milano issued a Twitter challenge to President Donald Trump.

Milano observed that despite his 54 million+ followers on Twitter, Trump rarely receives more than 20k retweets. And though Milano only has 3.32 million followers, she bet her tweet noting the large discrepancy would garner more retweets than what the President typically gets.

She stated:

“It’s super weird to me that @realDonaldTrump has 54 MILLION followers and his tweets rarely get over 20 thousand retweets.”

“He’s screaming into the wind.”

“I bet this tweet gets more RT’s.”

She turned out to be very right!

As of Monday, September 3, the tweet had 81,160 retweets, despite Milano’s Twitter followers making up only a fraction of Trump’s followers. That fraction is 6% for those wondering.

And while 20,000 is just the average number of retweets for the President, some of his posts exceed 40,000.

Like his latest post of “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” intended to inspire his supporters. It received 42,588 retweets. What’s the big deal? That’s only 0.08% of his Twitter followers. Milano got a retweet from 2.4% of her followers.

Milano’s followers likely either enjoy who acting or hosting work or support the same causes she does on Twitter. Trump’s Twitter followers may have other motives.

A look at some of Trump’s tweets show how his average message performs:

It seems Trump truly is “screaming into the wind.”

New data recently revealed that as many as 15 million of President Trump’s followers are likely bots and only about 8% of his real followers read about his tweets directly from Twitter.

Milano has spoken out against Trump and his administration’s platform many times since the President took office. 

Most recently, she’s commented on her belief that the media hasn’t done enough to stand up to Trump’s wild rhetoric and the negative views surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

In the meantime, many on Twitter were glad to see Milano take gold in her retweet battle!

Then again, perhaps it wasn’t a fair fight.

Hopefully someday, we’ll know the answer to a great American secret: 

How many of Trump’s Twitter followers are real?

H/T – RawStory, The Hill