Family Mourns Their Beloved Toy Poodle After He Dies Saving Them From An Attacking Bear ????

Pickles was a toy poodle who weighed just five pounds. According to his owner, he died trying to save the lives of his human family from a bear. This past Friday morning, Tiffany Merrill had opened the door to let her pup out into the yard of her Blue Ridge Mountains home, and in walked a bear. 

She told CBS 17:

I would say he was about 150 to 200 pounds ― very aggressive [and] not scared at all.

She jumped behind a couch and screamed for her children to shut their doors as the bear invaded her home. Merrill explained that the bear was about to charge at her when Pickles started barking at it. The bear went outside, following the noise, which is where Pickles and the bear got into a tussle. She was able to get her dog back inside, but Pickles died later from his injuries.

Merrill posted on Facebook:

The caption reads:

My hero died saving me from a bear that came in my house. We lost a big part of our family. Heartbroken..

People offered their condolences:

Others commended Pickles’ bravery:

Our thoughts are with the Merrill family.

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