Mindy Kaling Opened Up About Why She ‘Crazy Ugly Cried’ During ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ ❤️

Writer/producer/actor Mindy Kaling giving her impressions of the summer hit Crazy Rich Asians on Twitter this weekend was almost as good as the movie itself. 

While loads of good buzz has come out about the groundbreaking rom-com, somehow Kaling’s gold star feels like a triumph because of the many ways in which the film made a difference to her.


Here’s what the triple threat had to say over Labor Day weekend: 

The “Medium Rich South Asian” appeared to love the idea of a super smart and capable female rom-com lead balancing her boss credentials as an economics professor with a warm vulnerability—calling Constance Wu’s performance “revelatory.”

After seeing the movie, Kaling sounds like she may be looking forward to planning a trip to Singapore now…(*just like the rest of us!)

Kaling, who starred in this summer’s Ocean’s 8 along with Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Rhianna, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Paulson, Helena Bonham Carter and Wu’s hilarious sidekick in Crazy Rich Asians, Awkwafina, showed some love with a call-out to her former castmate in this tweet:

She didn’t miss a thing, from the natural and architectural beauty of Singapore to the gorgeous costuming to the enchanting couples, Kaling “loved it” all.

But the one thing that really slayed the 39-year-old single mother (Kaling gave birth to daughter Katherine in December 2017)—the mother-daughter bond between Wu’s character, Rachel Chu and her single mother, Kerry Chu, played by Singaporean actress Tan Kheng Hua. 

It appears the back story, of Rachel and her mother, though minimal but also powerful, resonated with Kaling’s own experience of single motherhood. Speaking about the birth of her daughter to the Today show in March, she said that even before her daughter was born, she:

  …knew how much I would love her and love the experience of being with her. I never understood how much I would worry and how much that worry is unceasing.

Fans could relate:

One thing’s for sure, everybody’s ready for a sequel:

H/T: HuffPost, Twitter