Man Posing With Oddly-Shaped Cucumber Inspires A Brilliant Photoshop Battle ????

A photo of a man holding an massive, curved cucumber has the internet in tears.

Someone uploaded the original photo of the unusually shaped vegetable to r/pics on Reddit. Then, GeneReddit123 shared it with a group of creative thinkers, in the subreddit r/photoshopbattles.

Check it out:

Oh, and Reddit didn’t disappoint. Scroll for a few of the funniest results:

At first glance, many would venture to say that the cucumber resembles a giant, green question mark. This inspired some to transform into the Riddler from Batman:

With 7825 points, this photo is in the lead for the photoshop battle.

Some took it a step further and hid the man – and his cucumber – in a scene from the movie:

Others put the man in games like Mario…

They put the cucumber inside a question block. Clever, huh?

….and World of Warcraft

Possibilities are endless here, people.

Someone else used it as a replacement for an infamous tool Maui used in Moana:

Who needs a hook when you have a giant cucumber shaped like one?

Mjölnir can be so overrated. No one needs a fearsome weapon like that, cucumbers are clearly much more powerful:

Although it doesn’t have the same visual effect.

Someone else used it in an interesting take on Doctor Who:

The user even made matching mini curved cucumbers to adorn his sweater vest.

Gandalf in…The Lord of the Cucumbers? 

The photos, and the extra-large curved cucumber, are both quite impressive. 

Photoshoppers, man who grew such an eclectic cuke, be proud and give yourselves a good pat on the back.

What a strange vegetable. Or is it fruit? Oh no, not that debate again…

H / T – Mashable, Reddit