Instagram Trolls Come For Jessica Simpson After She Posts A Photo Of Her Son

Man, people really need some hobbies!

The Insta-trolls were out in full force over the weekend when singer and fashion designer Jessica Simpson committed that most egregious of Instagram sins: posting a photo that was perfectly fine and had nothing wrong with it and wasn’t even all that interesting, to be quite honest. 

In the photo, Jessica and her son Ace are showing off their prominent lips, with Jessica adding the caption, “Like Mother, like Son” to signify that Ace had inherited her lips. 

Aw. Cute, right?!

But folks couldn’t just post a heart eyes emoji and keep it moving. Jessica’s comments immediately filled up with angry people taking a stand about the scourge of lip fillers. (Thank God someone is finally speaking out on this issue!)

“No, he didn’t inject his lips like you do,” one troll wrote from beneath the bridge under which he lives.

Another commented, “So are her son’s lips fake too?”

The trolls were out on Twitter too, which was also full of opinions about this photo, ranging from unnecessary… 

…to off-topic and mean…

…to outright nasty…

…to melodramatic (to say the least)…

…to…whatever this is…

And, of course, the enhancement accusations reared their heads once again:

Why anyone would be this invested in an early-2000s pop star’s lips is a question for the ages, but Simpson thankfully had plenty of defenders, too, some of whom clapped right back at her trolls. 

Addressing the “fake lips” accusation, one wrote:

I’m pretty sure that in her 20 years in the spotlight her lips have looked the same…

Well, almost. Jessica told Glamour back in 2006 that she did have a brief but unfruitful dalliance with artificial lip enhancers.

Simpson told the magazine:

I had that Restylane stuff. But it fades — it went away in like four months. My lips are back to what they were. Thank God! It looked fake to me. I didn’t like that.

So there, trolls!

But, at least on Twitter, there was far more love than hate:

And over on Instagram, one commenter perhaps summed it up best:

Ignore the trolls. You have a natural beauty they can only dream of. Change nothing.

Couldn’t have said it better!

H/T:, Glamour