‘Late Night’ Writer Perfectly Explains The Hypocrisy Of People Protesting Nike ????

People are starting to tire of all the inappropriate protesting going on. After Nike announced the new face of the Just Do It campaign will be former 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick, folks began acting all kinds of crazy, with antics such as cutting up their clothes and burning their shoes.

Nike gave us this:

And this was how some people responded:

Good thing Amber Ruffin, writer for The Late Show with Seth Meyers, was on hand to sent things right.

Ruffin wasn’t saying there is anything wrong with protesting. She simply suggested there is a time and a place, and posting videos on social media of burning shoes out in public has no place in civilized society.

Twitter users agreed.

Other folks on Twitter had some words for the Nike protesters.

 Perhaps a strongly-worded letter would be more appropriate in the future.

H/T: HuffPost, Business Insider