There’s A Kangaroo On The Loose In Austria. And Yes, You Read That Right. 😳

Australia is known for its marsupial population, but Austria? Not so much. Yes, the landlocked European neighbor to Germany is known for Archduke Ferdinand, Mozart, Schnitzel, Freud, and Strudel. But it’s certainly not known for kangaroos. And yet, over the weekend, there were multiple sightings of a kangaroo hopping its way around Upper Austria.

It was even caught on video:

According to the BBC:

The animal, native to Australia, was spotted by residents in the forest and meadows near the small town of Kirchschlag in northern Austria.

Zoos and breeders have been called, and no one is missing a kangaroo, making the situation all the more bizarre. The only other explanation is that kangaroos are allowed as pets in Austria if you have a permit. Everyone should be on the lookout for “missing pet kangaroo” signs in Kirchschlag.

Though some Australians entered the fray, claiming that this was not, in fact, a kangaroo:

Others thought it was a universal joke.

Kangaroo or wallaby, we hope the little guy stays safe out there!

H/T: Mashable, Twitter