Billy Eichner Announces The Triumphant Return Of ‘Billy On The Street’—And It Can’t Come Soon Enough ????

Comedian Billy Eicher has been hosting Billy On The Street on TruTV for years. Fans of the show enjoyed the sort of randomness of the format. The show followed Billy, sometimes a guest, and his microphone as they wandered the streets of New York approaching people and asking questions.

Part of what made the show so hilarious was that New Yorkers are a beautifully unpredictable kind of people. Billy and his guests were just as likely to get this:  

As they were to get this: 

There was never any secret that Billy On The Street was leaving TruTV to find a new home network, so fans weren’t worried they would lose the show forever, but it has been a bit quiet since Billy Eicher was busy working on a project with Netflix. That changed recently with a single, glorious, tweet. Billy Eicher announced that a partnership with Funny Or Die and Lyft has gifted us with new episodes available on YouTube and a few other social media networks.

He also announced some of the guests for this run of episodes.

Twitter is absolutely here for this announcement. Fans and former guests chimed in!

One question kept popping up, though. 

I guess we’ll just have to watch.

H/T: UpRoxx, Twitter, YouTube