This Dog’s Ear Is Going Viral For Its Bizarre Resemblance To Its Face 😮

We all know dogs are magical creatures. But this is next level!

Nothing seems to delight the internet quite like dogs—so much so, there’s an entire online lexicon of dog internet slang. And optical illusions are no slouch in the viral department either.

Who could forget the woman with paint on her legs, or the infamous blue/black/white/gold dress?!

But when the two combine, it’s truly magical, as one Reddit user recently found out.

u/Embeast recently shared a photo of their Great Dane in the subreddit “mildlyinteresting” on the site, which was then shared on Twitter…

And it’s, well, downright bizarre:

Here’s a closer look…

Okay, so the exact resemblance is maybe a BIT of a stretch, but that is definitely the face of a dog, within a dog. How is this possible?! Are we in Inception?!

If you still can’t quite see it, you’re not alone. Lots of Redditors had trouble too:

“I’ve been staring at this too long,” u/lrnrae wrote, “I can’t find what I am supposed to be seeing. Can someone please help me out?”

“Yea I can’t see it either,” u/ASK_ME_WHY_IM_EVIL added, while u/backotaco sounded downright desperate: “Can’t see it, send help.”

But luckily, Redditor u/SinisterKid was ready with an assist for the ear-illusion-challenged:

And once everyone could see it? Well, a few people were freaked out.

“This is some deep dream shit,” u/Fanchus said, prompting fellow Redditor u/thylali_x to respond with this epic doctored pic…

…that had u/Embeast straight-up panicking: “Omg what have you done?”

Meanwhile, u/Iksman12 had a startling realization: “Dude, that dog’s face is a palindrome.”

Others offered strange theories for this canine magic.

For u/the_icon32, there was only one explanation: “It’s a defense mechanism to ward off potential ambush snuggles.”

But for most people in the thread, it was off to the dog races with pun after pun:

“This is the famous double dog dare.”


“It’s like staring into the face of dog.”


“I don’t understand how all of you can’t see it! It’s as plain as the ear on his face!”


“That’s just earie.”


“I had to paws and take a second glance at the good boy.”


“Dog has a dopplegangear.”


And my personal favorite: “His ear looks like a mirror. A mearror.”


Let’s face it (heh), the only thing better than one dog is two dogs. Double-good boi!

H/T Mashable, Yahoo News