Whoopi Goldberg Is On A Mission To Grant Aretha Franklin’s Dying Wish

Tuesday morning marked the premier of the 22nd season of the morning talk show, The View. During the episode, longtime host Whoopi Goldberg reflected on her experience at Aretha Franklin’s recent funeral. Now she has a favor to ask of viewers.

Whoopi began with jokes about the length of the funeral, even quoting her favorite meme:

It’s been picked up for next season. That’s how long it was.

She discussed Ariana Grande’s dress, which many felt was too short. (She did not mention how Bishop Charles H. Ellis III groped the side of  Grande’s breast.) She also clarified that Aretha’s family asked Grande to sing “Natural Woman.”

She discussed the controversy around former President Bill Clinton sharing the stage with Louis Farrakhan, defending Clinton’s choice to sit with the Islamic leader. 

She said:

You’re bitchin’ about this, you need to call the [Franklin] family. Because the family invited Farrakhan there. They know him, there’s a reason he was there — and you don’t get up off a dais when you’ve been invited there to celebrate that person’s life.

Goldberg concluded by sharing Aretha’s last wish. She talked about Judge Greg Mathis’ speech, in which he said his last conversation with Aretha was about the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Before she passed, Franklin learned that Flint residents still had no clean water, and she wanted Judge Mathis to “handle it.”

Whoopi finished the story by saying to the audience:

So, whatever we can do to get that going…

She also shared the mission to get Aretha Franklin on the United States postage stamp:

People can mail [stamp] suggestions to the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee in Washington. I’m asking you to flood them. Flood them. Because Aretha Franklin is a true American treasure.

Watch the entire segment here.

Fans were thankful to learn about Aretha’s dying wish.

People also love the idea of getting Aretha on a stamp.

To donate water to Flint, Michigan, click here. To donate money to the Flint Water Fund, click here.

The Queen’s legacy will live forever!

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