Ariana Grande’s Infamous Ponytail Is Way More Talented Than We Could Imagine In New Sketch ????

Maybe it’s because she’s engaged to a comedian, but Ariana Grande is really finding her humor these days.

Earlier this year she demolished Jimmy Fallon with her hilariously accurate impressions of Evanescence and a ’90s diva during his “Musical Genre Challenge” game.

Last month the singer reenacted all of Titanic with James Cordon on his show, The Late Late Show With James Cordon, using 13 songs and only 9 low-budget sets.

And now she’s back at it again with Jimmy, but this time with a sketch about her most prominent feature (other than her sick vocals) — her high ponytail.

Last night’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon showcased Ariana and her magic ponytail. In the sketch, Jimmy stops backstage to talk to Ariana and discovers that her ponytail has impressive and unexpected abilities. Check it out.

If you don’t have time to watch the two minute sketch, Jimmy discovers that Ariana’s ponytail is as clever as it is long. 

In the scene, Ariana offers Jimmy a drink and proceeds to send her ponytail to the fridge to fetch a La Croix. Before he could ask her what the heck was happening, she sneezes and her ponytail hands her a tissue.

The confusion builds as her phone rings and her hair picks it up for her while she finishes blowing her nose. Once she gets to her phone call, however, bandleader Questlove approaches asking for her autograph so she sends her mane over to complete the job for her. 

Finally Jimmy has a moment to ask,

“When did this whole thing with your hair start?”

Confused, Ariana replies,

“I mean, I’ve, like, always worn it in a ponytail.”

But before Fallon can inquire further, shrieks are heard from the corridor.

The scene ends with Ariana’s ponytail heroically apprehending a mugger and returning the stolen purse  to its grateful owner.

Jimmy is overwhelmed with amazement, and the ponytail high-fives Jimmy before the duo (trio?) takes a selfie together.

The internet can’t stop laughing.


H/T: Mashable, YouTube