Transgender Teen Pens Powerful Thank You Letter To Neighbor That Brings Her To Tears ❤️

Audrey lives in Salt Lake City, Utah—not exactly the most LGBTQ friendly state in the nation. This didn’t stop Audrey, who is a trans woman, from showing off her queer pride in an extremely visible way. She decided to fly the pink, blue, and white trans pride flag outside her home.

Imagine Audrey’s surprise when she found this note from a neighbor on her doorstep:

The text of the letter reads:

Neighbor – Thank you for having a trans flag waving in your yard. I am a 15-year-old trans boy living in an unsupportive household, but every time I see your flag, I feel better. I appreciate your existence and pride. THANK YOU.

With the endearing postscript:

P.S. My handwriting is so bad! I’m sorry!

Audrey told Pink News that she had complicated feelings about the experience:

I felt crushed that this teenager isn’t getting the support that they deserve, but I also felt truly inspired by them. It must have taken a lot of courage to write the note and drop it off on a stranger’s doorstep.

And many people shared those mixed feelings:

Others commended Audrey for choosing to make her queerness visible:

The visibility of other queer people can be so healing for those without the support they need from those closest to them. Thank you, Audrey, for choosing to be visible.

H/T: Pink News, Reddit, Twitter