This Mom’s Viral Rant About The Drop Off Line At School Has Parents Nodding

The day after public schools started back to school, Stephanie Blakely Calabrace of Nashville, Tennessee took to Facebook to rant about the school drop off line.

Her post hilariously outlines exactly who should and should not be utilizing the drop off line. Check it out.

If you’re unfamiliar with school drop off lines across America, here’s a description.

Imagine a line of cars where children quickly pop out of their parent’s vehicle and walk directly into school. As soon as the child disembarks, their parent’s vehicle drives off and the next car replaces it. The cycle continues swiftly and efficiently until all the children have safely left their cars at a close proximity to school. This system allows parents to avoid parking and stepping out of their vehicles to accompany their children. Subsequently, it also gives many parents permission to remain in their pajamas and to postpone their own toothbrushing until their home is child-free.

But as anyone who has ever witnessed one of these drop off lines knows, it’s not this seamless.

Instead, many parents are still busy preening and feeding their children, causing the line to get backed up and lose any semblance of order.

After just one day of school, Stephanie Calabrace was already sick of the lack of organization, so she decided to take matters into her own hands with her Facebook post.

The post was so relatable and hilarious that other parents tried to pawn it off as their own.

Between Calabrace’s post and her plagiarizers post, her words and “stink eye” warning have gone viral.

Calabrace’s post alone has been shared on Facebook 10,000 times.

Parents around the country couldn’t agree with her sentiments more.

I hope for Stephanie’s sanity people will stop plagiarizing her rants and take her advice.

H/T: PopSugar, Facebook