The Viral ‘F*ck Off’ Story Spurring Countless Memes Involves Vegetables And It Gets Weirder From There

Okay, if you haven’t heard this one yet…

A woman named Daniella Gay received a Facebook message from a man named James Barrett.

The message is pictured below.

James asks Daniella about her plans for the evening. Being a vegetable artist—as in, one who artfully depicts vegetables—Daniella responded truthfully with:

“Draw vegetables”

It is unclear how the rest of the conversation might have gone, for the message exchange was interrupted by James’ wife. Mrs. Barrett then tells Daniella:

“Fuck off”

Not wanting to partake in whatever drama was happening with Mr. and Mrs. Barrett, Daniella created a Facebook post in response to the odd exchange, saying simply:


She then directed her friends and Facebook followers to check out the comments.

Daniella Gay—artist that she is—dropped 10 hot “James Barrett”—and his wife—memes for her friends to enjoy.

In order, they were:

Then Dominic Jones decided to reply to Daniella Gay’s post and try his hand at a James Barrett’s wife meme…


…and from that point on, the internet’s meme game became UNSTOPPABLE.

Like, you don’t even understand how UNSTOPPABLE.

But, who IS James Barrett, and why does his wife hate vegetables so much‽‽

According to The Daily Dot, Gay describes Barrett as “some rando” who found her online through a mutual friend.

She got the message from his wife around 4 am while at a friends’ house.  When she read the message aloud, everybody begged her to post the screenshot of the convo and here we are—in meme heaven.

There’s now a private meme group called “artisan vegetable enthusiasts” dedicated to memes about James Barrett and his wife hating vegetables.

Two questions are required for admission:

“Are you James Barrett’s wife?” 


“Do you endorse vegetable photography, artistry, and other veg media?”

The internet in 2018 is truly a great place to be.

Unless of course, you happen to be James Barrett or his wife.

H/T: The Daily Dot, Twitter