People Are Applauding Lady Gaga’s Stripped-Down Vogue Cover Look—And Her Makeup Was Remarkably Cheap

Fans are celebrating the cover of Vogue’s October issue which features a stripped-down, fresh-faced Lady Gaga.

The 32-year-old megastar—well known for taking extravagance to the nth degree when it comes to fashion—chose to wear very little makeup for the photo shoot—opting to showcase what Glamour Magazine referred to as a “dewy side of Gaga.”  

But the new look isn’t the only thing that has fans talking—the makeup for the photo cost less than $50 (well under her usual three-digit expenditure). 

Have a look:

Fans mostly loved it:

The words “God,” “goddess,” and “queen,” seemed to come up frequently when discussing Gaga:

This isn’t an overstatement at all:

Of course, some commenters weren’t so taken with the cover. 

They were more than happy to share their criticism:

If you’re a fan of Lady Gaga, be sure to read the interview. 

According to this commenter, it’s a good one:

Interested in the makeup used on Gaga?

Her longtime makeup artist, Sarah Tanno, created the look using the following products, according to Vogue:

H/T: Glamour, Twitter