Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness Shuts Homophobic Troll Who Mocked His Emmys Outfit All The Way Down ????

The Emmys are supposed to be a time for celebration of all things artistic, creative, and ground-breaking happening on TV. Fans of Queer Eye understand the show certainly fits the bill. The new Fab Five are each talented, passionate, outspoken, and fearless … and then there’s Jonathan, who fans affectionately call JVN. He’s all of those things and about 35 extra doses of sass thrown in for good measure.

Fans love all of JVN’s JVN-ness. 

The Fab Fashionista is a risk taker so, when the time came for this year’s Emmys, people expected his outfit to be a stunner. They were not wrong. He opted for a gown that featured a sheer fitted top and gave way to a gorgeous beaded skirt with a thigh-baring slit. Jonathan paired the gown with sleek hair, gorgeously edgy boots, and a clutch.

He stomped that red carpet proudly, looked stunning doing it, and boldly stated “f*ck a gender norm!” when he shared pics on Instagram.

The look was a risk and one commenter wasn’t feeling it at all, so they lobbed an insult.

Jonathan clapped back with a response full of self-love … and a little bit of that sass we mentioned earlier. 

If you’re gonna come for Jonathan, the least you could do is say his name … or, ya know, maybe just don’t try it?

Most of JVN’s fans loved his choices. 

Keep doing what you’re doing, Jonathan. You’re amazing, you know it, and fans LOVE that about you.

H/T: Buzzfeed, Instagram