Debra Messing Tells Susan Sarandon To ‘STFU’ About Trump In Viral Twitter Rant

I don’t know about you, but my favorite part of the 2016 election was—well, nothing. The entire thing was a nightmare! But if I had to pick, it would be the Messing v. Sarandon feud that erupted seemingly every day on Twitter. 

Get ready to rumble because they’re back.

In this corner: Susan Sarandon crediting Donald Trump for the new wave of women and people of color running for office.

And in this corner: Debra Messing yelling “STFU SUSAN!”

The quote in question came from an interview Sarandon gave to Variety, in which she said Trump’s “bumbling” had inspired women and people of color to get out there and clean up his mess. 

Sarandon said:

This is a revolution. Maybe things had to get so bad before real change actually could happen. We just have to stay awake.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Still, when things getting “so bad” includes babies being kept in cages, among other travesties, this sort of rhetorical moral relativism is going to offend some people.

Perhaps most notably, Debra Messing was emphatically not here for it:

Sarandon, not one to pass up an opportunity to clarify her point of view when criticized, fired back:

As is to be expected in these divisive times, Twitter users’ reactions were as divided as every other discourse nowadays.

There were words of support for both women:

And there was some measured criticism:

And, naturally, there was all-out vitriol:

It doesn’t seem as if much has changed in two years, with the back-and-forth taking on a tenor similar to the 2016 sparring. I think it’s safe to say there will probably never be any friendly red carpet banter between these two stars.

H/T: HuffingtonPost, People