Stormy Daniels Claims Officers ‘Paid For Autographs And Photos’ Before Arresting Her

On Wednesday, adult film star Stormy Daniels appeared on The View with her lawyer, Michael Avenatti. They discussed the fact that Michael Cohen dropped their non-disclosure agreement and asked for his money back from her, and they also talked about Stormy’s arrest in Ohio.

In the discussion with hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Abby Huntsman, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin, Daniels reflected on her arrest this past summer at Sirens, a strip club in Ohio.

Check out the segment below.

In the conversation, Stormy says that she has familiarized herself with strip club laws in the states that she has performed in. She has danced in Ohio numerous times, and knew that the state had a law prohibiting nude or semi-nude dancers from touching patrons. However, the law also specifically states that the rule only applies to “regular” dancers. So guest dancers, such as Ms. Daniels, should be exempt.

Furthermore, Daniels has seen the law enforced in the past, but all that occurs when a girl violates the misdemeanor is  a written ticket. She said,

“I know several other girls that have gotten in trouble for a misdemeanor violation. The cops write you a ticket on the spot, done, no big deal. They don’t get arrested, hauled in and mugshot and strip searched, and all the things that happened to me.”

Yes, you read that right. Stormy Daniels got strip searched.

And what exactly went down? A group of undercover cops were at the strip club. While Stormy performed, they put dollar bills in their mouth and asked her if they could motorboat her. She obliged. But even after the physical contact occurred, the police did not immediately arrest her. Stormy explained further.

“The police officers actually did not arrest me immediately. They stood in line, paid for autographs and photos with me. [Then] they came to my tour bus and arrested me.”

Avenatti also jumped in to add,

“[It’s] now come out that in fact a number of these officers were big Trump supporters. This appears to have been politically motivated.”

So, essentially, the undercover police purposely goaded Daniels into breaking a law that didn’t really apply to her as she was a guest dancer.

Can anyone say, “entrapment”? 

Many people on Twitter are ready to.

People are disgusted by the cops’ behavior.

Others feel that the most important part of this nonsense is that the cops were politically motivated.

Here’s to hoping that Avenatti gets his shot at deposing Trump.

H/T: Law and Crime, YouTube