Piers Morgan Won’t Stop Body Shaming Tess Holiday–But Tess Isn’t Having Any Of It

Anyone who falls outside of traditional beauty standards — whether because of size, race, gender, sexuality, or a disability — has been body shamed at some point. Enter 33-year-old model Tess Holliday and columnist Piers Morgan. Morgan published an open letter to the model in The Daily Mail this past Thursday titled “An open letter from Piers Morgan to Tess Holliday: Stop lying to yourself Tess – you’re morbidly obese and it’s going to kill you.”

As if that weren’t bad enough, he upped the ante with this tweet:

Refusing to be cowed by Morgan’s nastiness, Holliday responded:

And people were here for the clapback.

Some, unfortunately, had to explain to others what fat-shaming actually is.

And many just offered words of support for Holliday.

Weight does not necessarily determine health. In fact, studies have shown that the assumption that overweight means unhealthy and thin means healthy leads to bias among doctors and creates a barrier to proper care.

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