Florida Woman Jumped Out Of A Moving Car After Her Uber Driver Refused To Stop

A Florida woman had to jump from the window of a moving car when her Uber driver repeatedly refused to stop.

Brooke Adkins of Tallahassee was on her way home early Wednesday morning after a friend called for an Uber to drive her. The 19-year-old passenger became concerned when the Uber driver, 30-year-old Destiny Green, exhibited some odd behavior, including a request to continue driving around, after they’d already reached Adkins’ stop, to “listen to music.”

Concern turned into terror when they were 25 minutes past the drop-off and Green repeatedly refused to stop the car and let Adkins out. At nearly every stop light, Adkins asked to be let out and Green just said “no.”

Adkins contacted a friend from the backseat via FaceTime to let someone know what was happening before calling 911. Feeling like she couldn’t risk waiting any longer to make a move, at the intersection of N Magnolia Drive and Miccosukee Road, Adkins jumped from the window because a child lock was on the door.

Adkins ran to a nearby Walgreen’s parking lot where she waited for police to arrive. She showed them the Uber app that listed Green as the driver. Adkins had ripped jeans and blood on her hands and foot from minor injuries she sustained jumping from the moving vehicle.

Green was arrested on charges of false imprisonment and kidnapping, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Adkins took to Twitter to tell her story and warn others. She included photos of her bloodied foot and ripped jeans.

Here’s her original tweet:

Adkins talked about her ordeal and answered people’s questions:

Some questioned the truthfulness of Adkins’ story, but many commenters were freaked out by it:

Others expressed their concern and relief for Adkins:

Adkins has been thankful for the support she’s received online and is doing what she can to ensure the same thing doesn’t happen to others.

She updated her Twitter followers, saying:   

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