High Tide Gets New Meaning After 26-lb Bricks Of Marijuana Keep Washing Up On Florida Beaches

Tourists in the sunshine state can often find small seashells and colorful coral wash up on shore. Something most people don’t expect to find on the beach, though? 26 pound bricks of marijuana.

Since the beginning of the week, several bricks of the drug have washed up on the shores of Daytona Beach, Florida.

Someone called police once the drugs were spotted:

“We’re at Jungle Hut and a huge bundle of drugs or something just washed up on the beach.”

This comes as a result of Hurricane Florence, although no one is sure where the massive quantities of the drug are coming from.

Tourists aren’t complaining, though.

It comes as a shock to no one that tourists are attempting to snag some as a souvenir – and causing quite a stir with law enforcement. Multiple people have been spotted opening the bundles and attempting to steal the marijuana, and as a result, arrested on possession charges.

“There’s like seven or eight people out here, and they’re all like huddling up against it, and my dad’s trying to take it so that you guys can have it all.”

Twitter couldn’t help but crack a few jokes:

Would the finders keepers rule apply in this case?

If it does, that would explain the fighting amongst beachgoers.

Florida is bringing a brand new meaning to seaweed:

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