Jane Fonda Shares How The Suicide Of Her Mother At Age 12 Impacted Her Life

Even a career spanning over half of a century isn’t enough to totally dissolve wounds of the past.

Jane Fonda embodies this idea. The legendary actress has played a multitude of iconic roles, the most recent being “Grace” in Grace and Frankie, a Netflix show which received multiple Emmy nominations.

Though Fonda, like her legendary actor grandfather, has always shown immense vulnerability in her performances, she’s not afraid to open up on vulnerable subjects in her personal life either.

Fonda’s mother died when Jane was 12, but her father told young Jane Fonda that the cause of death was a heart attack. As Fonda grew older and her career gave her better means, she was able to uncover the truth.

Now, at 80 years old, Fonda is opening up regarding her mother’s untimely death:

“As a child, you always think it was your fault…because the child can’t blame the adult, because they depend on the adult for survival. It takes a long time to get over the guilt.”

Some on Twitter trumpeted the news.

Fonda’s career has lasted decades and will be remembered long after she is gone. Her love for her mother and the way the tragedy influenced her personhood is undoubtedly just as formidable.

H/T: People, GMA