An Unusual Pokémon Go Creature Is Popping Up All Over The World—And Users Are Very Confused ????

The discovery of a new Pokémon had players of Pokémon Go so confused they turned to social media to ask, “What is it?”

According to the website Polygon:

In the Asia-Pacific region, at 3 p.m. in Japan, Pokémon Go’s community day event focused on the Pokémon Chikorita came to an end. Suddenly, the world of Pokémon Go was densely populated with a new type of Pokémon, one that looked like a white Ditto with a hexagonal nut for a head and a single eye at its center. When a player caught the new Pokémon — which appeared with the name “???” and a Combat Power (CP) rating of “???” — it would turn into a Ditto, typically an uncommon, harder-to-find Pokémon.

If you’re confused, don’t worry! So was Twitter. 

But people slowly started to piece together some clues. 

It would appear the Dittos have it. Just remember: if you’re going to play, look up once in a while. 

H/T: Gamespot, BGR