Actress Slaps Talk Show Audience Member Who Criticizes Her Son With Down Syndrome

Russian actress Evelina Bledans recently slapped a woman on live television after being harshly criticized for having multiple children past the age of 40. 

The aggressive audience member also made disparaging remarks about her youngest son, who has Down Syndrome.

Check out the tense confrontation:

While the audience member has a point about the increased risks of pregnancy past the age of 40, her approach was completely wrong. Her comments about special needs children being useless to society were particularly uncalled for and inappropriate. 

No parent wants to hear such bile spewed about their child, and Bledans quickly stalked up to the belligerent woman to confront her. It wasn’t long before she slapped the loud-mouthed wretch for her ignorant remarks.

Social media was buzzing about how Bledans stood up for her child:

But at least one troll sneered at Bledans for resorting to violence: 

This Twitter user has some lessons for the trolls:

Perhaps it was wrong for Bledans to become violent during the impassioned debate, but…

we think Lin has it about right:

We salute Evelina Bledans for sending a powerful message on behalf of parents everywhere. 

H/T: Indy100, The Sun