‘Gritty,’ The Creepy New NHL Mascot, Fell During His Debut And Shot A Guy In The Back With A T-Shirt Gun—And We’re Sold

On Monday night the National Hockey League’s Philadelphia Flyers unleashed their haywire new mascot on the ice and an unsuspecting crowd.

Only the second mascot in the team’s history (they briefly had a mascot named Slapshot back in 1976), the bright orange seven-foot-tall Sasquatch-like fuzzball debuted in front of 600 kids from the Philadelphia School District at a special event at the Please Touch Museum in Fairmount Park yesterday.

The official introduction to Gritty seemed to paint him as a formidable foe for all opponents:

But an arena full of fans who came for the preseason Flyers-Bruins game Monday night quickly found out that Gritty seemed more hot mess than a terrifying or intimidating symbol of athletic superiority.

He hit the ice sans skates and took an immediate spill:

Fans fell for Gritty when he fell. He’s just so relatable.

He later took revenge on some smack talk from a fan of the opposing team — by shooting that fan in the back with a T-shirt gun.

Not all fans responded so well to Gritty, but their responses may have been even funnier than the mascot himself:

But, for others, Gritty was all they needed and more:

Oh Gritty!

H/T: Twitter, NHL.com