Pandemonium Ensues After Man Mistakes Airplane Door For Toilet And Tries To Force It Open 😳

An airline passenger caused a panic after mistakenly trying to force open the plane’s emergency exit mid-air.

Aboard a GoAir flight from New Delhi to Patna on Saturday, an Indian passenger who was apparently flying for the first time caused quite a commotion when he mistook the emergency exit as the bathroom door.

According to the other passengers, the man, a banker in his late 20s, started opening the rear exit door of the plane saying he “needed to use the washroom urgently.”

The cabin crew were forced to wrestle the man away from the door and eventually convinced him to take a seat for the rest of the flight. After the plane landed safely he was handed over to the Central Industrial Security Force, a branch of the Indian military that handles airport security.

Speaking with The Times of India the CISF said the man was able to unlock the door, but was unable to open it due to cabin pressure, though an airline spokesperson later denied that claim stating the doors cannot be unlocked when a large difference in pressure exits.

The man was then handed over to local police for questioning. After checking his records and confirming that it was his first time on a plane the police released him later that evening.

Surprisingly many reacting to the story seemed to sympathize with the passenger. 

Others, however, weren’t as understanding. 

As scary as it must have been for the passengers though, it seems they weren’t in any real danger. 

Of course, how things got so out of hand is a whole other question. 

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