Viral Video Of The World’s Most Polite Lizard Is The New Meme We’ve All Been Waiting For ❤️

It doesn’t matter what brought you to the internet today — work, goofing off, pretending to work while goofing off — we all know what you actually came to do: look at pictures of cute animals.

Well here’s one cute animal that you’re about to see a lot more of.

Last week when Twitter user @modokinatu posted a short video of their adorable pet lizard no one could have expected the response that the smiling gecko would receive.

After one look though, people immediately recognized the gecko’s mischievous grin as the one everyone wears when they’re about to ask for something, and a meme was born.

Soon the “polite lizard” went viral and was being posted across social media.  The five second clip quickly racked up over 14 million views.

Polite lizard was not only adorable, but everyone could relate. 

And many of the new memes went viral themselves, getting hundreds of thousands of likes and comments. 

Because really, who hasn’t smiled like this at one point while trying get something?

In the original thread @modokinatu commented that the lizard was looking for some food, but as the tiny gecko joins ranks of internet stardom, it makes you wonder if that’s what they were after all along. 

H/T – Mashable, Twitter