Couple’s Response To Twitter Account That Stole Their Photos Is Pure Fire ????????

A lesbian couple had their photo stolen by the popular Twitter account @relationships, and they weren’t enthused about the misappropriation.

Residents of Austin, Texas, 17-year-old Alexa Willis and her girlfriend Noemi, 19, have been a couple for over a year. As a gesture to show their commitment to one another, in April, they had custom debit cards made which featured photos of the couple kissing.

Alexa told BuzzFeed News it was, “so we always think about each other’s needs when it comes to spending our money.”

They posted an image of the cards on Twitter last spring: 

The photo quickly went viral with Twitter users reposting it labelled as “#goals,” etc.

But things took a wrong turn on Saturday when the popular Twitter account @relationships stole the photo and repurposed it, changing the “gf” to a “bf.”

Yes, they decided to change the couple into heterosexuals:

Commenters were quick to point out @relationships’ mistake:

The @relationships post has since been deleted, but when Alexa and Naomi caught wind of it, they were none to happy: 

Commenters came to the couple’s defense, accusing @relationships of being heteronormative and insensitive to gay relations:

Directed at the owner of the offending @relationships Twitter account, Alexa told BuzzFeed News:

[It’s] very sad to know people don’t consider that there ARE gay couples, and it was obvious it was two girls. I would ask the owner of the account why they thought changing it to boyfriend was so important. And what did they think they would get out of it?

This sums it up:

Hopefully, this incident will cause @relationships to think twice about what they post so they don’t offend anyone else.

H/T: BuzzFeed, Twitter