Elijah Wood Casually Riding A Scooter Is Truly The One Meme To Rule Them All ????

Middle Earth is enjoying a lasting peace, which has freed up Elijah Wood’s schedule. He’s now joyously smoking cigarettes and riding scooters around Austin, Texas.

Earlier this week, actor Elijah Wood was caught zipping around on an electric scooter in Austin, Texas. This tweet’s caption and photo are almost too perfect:

Twitter couldn’t get enough of chilled-out Frodo on a scooter smoking a cigarette:

Wood was cruising along on a Limebike, a kind of electric scooter. Apparently, he was attending Fantastic Fest while showcasing a new virtual reality game. 

Lime, the creators of the shareable green scooters, also chimed in on Twitter:

Of course, reddit couldn’t resist having a Photoshop battle:

The viral tweet seemed to capture the imagination of the public. It’s fun to imagine Frodo now carefree and blissfully enjoying lasting peace on Middle Earth. He earned that scooter ride! 

H/T: Mashable, reddit, C. Robert Cargill