Reporter Recounts How Selfless Patrol Officer Almost Lost His Sight Stopping Man’s Suicide

In 2015, reporter Brett Kelman found himself in Riverside, California covering a murder trial when he stumbled upon another story by accident. 

It was the story of a heroic cop named Dane Norem, but it was also a story that Officer Norem wasn’t ready to tell. 

It took two years before Norem was ready talk, but for Kelman, it was worth the wait. Last year, Kelman published what he now calls his “favorite story of his career.”

On Tuesday, Kelman took to Twitter and told the story once more. 

Norem’s amazing story was one of of courage, and those who read it were as moved by it as Kelman. 

And at a time when role models in law enforcement seem so rare, Officer Norem serves as a credit to himself and his profession. 

It was a story that needed to be told, and thankfully Kelman was there to tell it. 

H/T – Twitter, Desert Sun