Burger King Used AI To Write Some New Ads—And The Results Are Delightfully Bizarre

Copywriters are so outdated – now, big-name brands are turning to artificial intelligence to write their advertising campaigns.

Burger King has debuted a laughable series of ads created by a deep-learning algorithm. 

But, this isn’t at all a means to prove that robots are overpowering creatives, and taking our jobs. Rather, the popular fast food chain hopes this series proves that artificial intelligence can not replace creative people, especially those behind copywriting.

Burger King’s Global Head Of Brand Marketing, Marcelo Pascoa, explained:

“AI, bots, machine learning, deep learning algorithms, blockchain, among others. These are all topical as we explore our future in marketing. But we need to avoid getting lost in the sea of technology innovation and buzzwords and forget what really matters. And that’s the idea. Artificial intelligence is not a substitute for a great creative idea coming from a real person.”

One of the ads read as follows:

“Burger King’s new chicken fries are the new potato. We are not sorry. The potato deserved this.”

Another brags about their world-famous Whoppers:

“The whopper lives in a bun mansion just like you. Order yourself today…”

And at the end, gives a botched take on their signature slogan:

“Have it Uruguay.”

Strange, sure, but the ads are sort of hilarious:

“Tastes like bird. BK logo appears.”

Not the most eloquent advertisement we’ve ever seen, but hey, it’s accurate isn’t it?

The chain credited the seconds-long spots to the “Agency of Robots.”

Burger King utilized “high-end computing resources and big data” with artificial intelligence with “advanced pattern recognition capabilities.”

Thousands of fast food commercials were input into the AI, and the above phrases are the results.

People agree that these new spots, now airing on prime-time television, are eye-catching and attention-grabbing:

The bun mansion seems to be the fan-favorite phrase from the series.

Some theorize that these advertisements weren’t actually created with AI:

People are claiming that copywriters did, in fact, write these, considering the credits and everything.

Go dine in the bun mansion and attend a tender reveal. Have it Uruguay.

H / T – Mashable, Twitter, Adweek