Meghan Markle Playing Netball In Heels Is Pure Delight

Meghan Markle is already one of the people’s favorite royals. She’s taken up the mantle as the young, cool, relatable royal. She’s not a princess for the people…she’s more like the common person is down with the Duchess. Little things like closing her own car door or forgetting when she’s not supposed to hold hands with her husband have the people enamored. To them, she’s a regular girl who stumbled into the castle — and they love it. 

She just proved, yet again, how cool she can be. The Duchess attended a Coach Core event and ended up dominating the court in her heels. 

Coach Core is a program that trains young people to coach sports. Amazingly, over 90% of the people who complete Coach Core go straight to employment or on to further education. It’s understandable why a program like that would be a huge asset to the community. The program holds an awards ceremony each year and, this year, Meghan and Harry were in attendance. When the opportunity to hit the court came up, Duchess Meghan was absolutely into it. 

After a quick lesson on how to play netball, teams were chosen and it was ON. Meghan and Harry ended up on opposing teams.

People couldn’t figure out who they wanted to cheer for.

One thing kept coming up: Meghan’s heels. Some people were furious with her for wearing them. 

But many more were just impressed that she could play in them — and play hard. 

And the peplum on her shirt has people asking and hoping… 

She managed to prove her athletic prowess, start an online fight about shoes, and fuel a few pregnancy rumors. All in a day’s work for a Duchess. 

H/T: Twitter, BuzzFeed